Fritts Marketing, LLC

Why TExt message marketing?

Instant communication

Decide what your message is, send it and 95% of your subscribers will read it within three minutes!

Any mobile device

 SMS is compatible with most phones, tablets and iPads so you can reach your audience where they are already looking!


Emails go unread, Advertising gets ignored and flyers are thrown away.  But SMS is simple and gets your message across immediately and effectively!


We have a user-friendly dashboard to work from where you can compose, send and track your text messages.

permission based

People opt-in to receive offers and updates from companies they want to do business with. 

Permission based - Spam Free!

Cost Effective

We have a plan to fit all budgets and you will see a healthy return on your investment. SMS is a small, but powerful, marketing tool !

The Power of Text Message Marketing



Text Message Marketing is effective and affordable!

Features for any business or organization


Coupons, Sales, Promotions, VIP Rewards

Images, Videos and Emojis

Links to Social Media, or 3rd Party Services

Event Announcements or Reminders

Alerts, Text to Win, Text to Join or Text to Apply

Birthday or Anniversary Club